The equipment at the observatory reflects the diverse interests of its partners. As with all observatories the range of telescopes plays an important role in what the observatory is capable of viewing.

Our telescopes are quite diverse; there is a 16" Meade Newtonian (in the dome), a 300mm Meade Scmidt Cassegrain, a 14" dobsonian (Bertha), a 12" dobbie (Bertie) plus various other Meades and Celestrons brought up by various partners and wardens. The newest telescope to be added to the observatory is the 18" Eugene telescope. The mirror was kindly donated by the late
Eugene Vandewalle with Chris constructing the rest of the telescope.

In 2011 Chris completed the latest addition the observatory skyline – the 'Sherman Tank' dome, housing a 300mm Cassegrain & 100mm refractor.


The ‘Eugene 18’ started service in 2011
300mm Cassegrain & 100mm refractor in ‘Sherman’ Dome
An array of telescopes on Chris's equatorial mounting. A Celestron C8, a Tasco 90mm refractor together with other aiming and guiding instruments.

Situated in Chris's dome, built in 2008. Used solely for imaging.
Bertie, a 12" Newtonian telescope built in 2000.
Big Bertha, built in 1991, a 14" Newtonian. Named by a German visitor after the German's large cannon from WW1.(Together with Laisve's home made 6" Newtonian.)
Eugene, the observatory's largest telescope, a 16.5 inch Newtonian telescope built in 2010.

Dany's 16" Meade is a newtonian and is dedicated to imaging only, it is situated in the large dome which was completed in the early 1990's, Unfortunately it has no name.