Open Weekends

The partners shown have been allocated the weekends of which the Saturday date is shown. In the event of being unable to carry our the duty, the nominated partner can exchange weekends with another. Any such changes or cancellations due to bad weather or last minute problems will be communicated to Dwarsrivier. (Tel: 027 482 2825 or email:-

2019 2019
5-Jan Malcolm Cerfonteyn 6-Jul Chris Forder
12-Jan Gerhard Pool 13-Jul CLOSED Moon interferes
19-Jan CLOSED Moon interferes 20-Jul CLOSED Moon interferes
26-Jan Martin Lyons 27-Jul Malcolm Cerfonteyn
2-Feb Dany Duprez 3-Aug Gerhard Pool
9-Feb Peter Schonau 10-Aug Martin Lyons
16-Feb CLOSED Moon interferes 17-Aug CLOSED Moon interferes
23-Feb Wayne Trow 24-Aug Dany Duprez
2-Mar Chris Forder 31-Aug Peter Schonau
9-Mar Malcolm Cerfonteyn 7-Sep Wayne Trow
16-Mar Gerhard Pool 14-Sep CLOSED Moon interferes
23-Mar CLOSED Moon interferes 21-Sep Chris Forder
30-Mar Martin Lyons 28-Sep Malcolm Cerfonteyn
6-Apr Dany Duprez 5-Oct Gerhard Pool
13-Apr Peter Schonau 12-Oct CLOSED Moon interferes
20-Apr CLOSED Moon interferes 19-Oct Martin Lyons
27-Apr Wayne Trow 26-Oct Dany Duprez
4-May Chris Forder 2-Nov Peter Schonau
11-May Malcolm Cerfonteyn 9-Nov CLOSED Moon interferes
18-May CLOSED Moon interferes 16-Nov Wayne Trow
25-May Gerhard Pool 23-Nov Chris Forder
1-Jun Martin Lyons 30-Nov Malcolm Cerfonteyn
8-Jun Dany Duprez 7-Dec Gerhard Pool
15-Jun CLOSED Moon interferes 14-Dec CLOSED Moon interferes
22-Jun Peter Schonau 21-Dec Martin Lyons
29-Jun Wayne Trow 28-Dec Dany Duprez

Lunar Calendar:

This staffing list is being made available to Algeria Conservation Centre, and to the farms Driehoek, Dwarsrivier and Kromrivier as well as to Mount Ceder and on our website at Please forward it to anyone you think would like it.

The partners' phone numbers and their email addresses are:-
Malcolm: Tel: 021 914 0843 e:
Dany: Tel: 021 715 4107 e:
Chris: Tel: 021 913 4200 e:
Martin: Tel: 082 569 3544 e:
Gerhard: Tel: 021 939 9380 e:
Peter: Tel: 021 872 6415 e:
Wayne: Tel: 084 688 5817 e: